Our Projects

Electric Pennyboard
Electric Pennyboard

E - pennyboard

One of our biggest projects. The electric pennyboard is a very rare and with such a range it can't be practically found on market .


RANGE: 35km (21.75 miles)
MAX SPEED: 24 km/h (15 mph)
Charge time: 2h (7A charger)
Battery: 12AH 21.6v 259.2Wh 6S4p

8 - bit computer

This is one of the longest-running projects of intolm industries. This computer is built entirely on prototype boards. The highest achieved processor speed was 1.5khz. It has an 8-bit bus and 16-bit registers. It can be connected to today's computer and send data between them via USB.

Our YT Channel


Our youtube learning channel about electricity, chem and science experiments. Feel free to watch our fun videos.


The game is created in collaboration with Intolm Industries, Kobe Studios and Baked Technologies. This is our largest and most demanding project so far. We like to see a piece of work behind us, both virtual and physical. Our goal is to create a fully functional simulator of the Prague metro, which will serve not only for entertainment, but also to explore and expand horizons.

Kolo 1
Kolo 2


Our biggest projects. The electric e-bike is popular electric vehicle. In our company we decided to go further and increase range with larger battery and use powerful motor to run this spaceship.


RANGE: 120km (74.56 miles)
MAX SPEED: 40 km/h (24.85 mph) - 1kw motor
Charge time: 4h (8A charger)
Battery: 30AH 48v 1440Wh 13S10p